R&D Program

Our NUVEA technology has been awarded by the European commission through the very selective H2020 ICT Disruptive technologies program. This award highlights our potential to become an European Cloud services provider.

If you want to know more about H2020, follow this link.



Our agile methodology

The challenge with Nuvea is to make the research teams, the industrialisation teams and the marketing teams work in symbiosis. Each team progress at its own pace, independently then synchronize on a regular basis. 

The research teams work on theories and models, while the industrialisation teams incorporate the research team's results when they're mature. Finally, the industrialisation teams work with client marketing to expand Nuvea with fonctionnalities dedicated to the customer use.

To make both teams work more efficiently, we have decided to take the Agile approach for the organization of the projects.

Main characteristics

The project tempo

Nuvea project evolves by iterations of 2 months. Inside an iteration, each team has their own rythm with sprints of : one week for the industrialisation teams, two months for research teams and one month for the marketing teams.

 At the same time, the marketing teams evalue clients use (prospection and feedback) in two iterations of 1 month.

Research teams in an iteration of two months.

At the end of every iteration, all of the teams coordinate with all the other teams to validate what have been done and prepare the program for the next iteration.


Nuvea product is made with the results of the research team and the clients' requests. At the beginning of each iteration, research teams and marketing teams define fonctionnalities to develop for Nuvea : it's the product backlog which tell us what's in an iteration.

At the same time, marketing teams and research teams have their own backlog.
Then, every two months, the three teams coordonate.

Taking the SCRUM methods and Scaled Agile Framework principle :  http://scaledagileframework.com/, https://www.scrum.org/